Qumper, our first and new game!

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Qumper, our first and new game!


At Arquitek we have always wanted to carry out ideas that are very simple, casual, and fun. Projects that, without being complicated in their staging, entertain players quickly and smoothly. And so Qumper was born.

What is Qumper? Who is Qumper? Under this name hides a character without history and, apparently, without personality. But he wants to become the best jumper in the world. And break records, of course. Your main goal is to jump as many enemies as you can. You, players, will be in charge of helping him in his mission.

Qumper is a simple video game, with no major complications, but it is a challenge for anyone. Even for us. If you want to skip the most times, the game is now available on Google Play for free. You will soon have many more novelties at your disposal!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


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